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Sarah McBrady is a French-American singer and vocal instructor who resides in Knock, Co. Mayo, Ireland. She has a deep passion for music and enjoys sharing its beauty with others through her performances and teaching.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Paris in a bilingual family, Sarah grew up in a very artistic household. She started singing in choirs and performing on stage in musical theatre and with her father, Samuel, a singer-songwriter at age 6. 

After moving to Colorado in 1991, Sarah joined her High School Choir & Drama Group and took every opportunity to work on her vocal skills, whether it was performing at local venues with her all-girl Country Band or studying Vocal Technique with a Vocal Coach.


In her senior year, with the support of her mother, Marlene, and her drama & and choir teachers, Sarah decided to further her education in the Performing Arts and moved to sunny California in 1996.

After earning a BA in The Performing Arts and attending a Prestigious Acting Studio in Santa Monica, Sarah left the City of Angels in 2001 and moved to London where she started pursuing a full-time career in music by performing solo gigs, singing in choirs, and doing session work.

Sarah is a committed musician and an enthusiastic teacher. She is always working on improving her skills and techniques to be more versatile and effective. When she is not teaching, Sarah enjoys singing and composing songs.

She also finds joy in practicing meditation, decorating her home, and reading. Sarah is currently in the process of writing her first novel. 

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Sarah's approach to teaching singing is all about balancing technical proficiency with emotional expression. She believes that every voice is unique, and her goal is to help her students find their own authentic voice while also building a strong foundation of technique.


Sarah guides her students through vocal warm-ups and routines that not only improve their range and control but also instill confidence and joy in their singing.


Her teaching philosophy can be summed up in one phrase: "Sing from the heart, and the world will listen."

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