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Sarah McBrady, a Franco-American singer and vocal coach, was born in the heart of Paris and lived in the United States and the United Kingdom for many years before settling in the charming village of Knock, in County Mayo, located in the west of Ireland. Her deep passion lies in both performing and teaching singing, as she loves to share the beauty of music with others.

Sarah's love story with music began at the tender age of six when she started singing on stage with her father and performing in musicals. Her journey even took her to Los Angeles in 1996, where she pursued a BA in Performing Arts. In 2021, London became the next chapter of her life, where she embarked on a full-time music career, entertaining audiences with solo performances and as the lead singer of a band.

A dedicated musician and educator, Sarah constantly refines her techniques and approaches for greater versatility and effectiveness. Outside of her professional work, she finds happiness in singing with the Knock Parish Choir. In her leisure time, Sarah meditates, takes walks in nature, immerses herself in literature, and is currently channeling all her creative energy into writing her first novel titled "Echoes from the Past". She lives in Knock with her beloved little cat, Bella.

Singing in French: Being bilingual since childhood, Sarah's exposure to American, English, and French music has shaped her musical identity. Notably, she draws significant inspiration from the legendary French singer-songwriter, Michel Berger. In homage to Berger, who tragically passed away from a heart attack in the south of France in August 1992 at the age of 44, Sarah is currently working on a commemorative album, marking the 22nd anniversary of his untimely departure.

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