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10 Lessons To Sound Amazing ! Are You Interested?

Are you passionate about singing? Do you (secretly) dream of being able to sing effortlessly and sound amazing? 🎵

But a little inner voice keeps telling you: "Stop dreaming! You're not made for this..."? 😞 Or “You sing out of tune…” 😰 Or “If you were gifted, it would be known!…”😭

Please don't despair and read carefully:

You dreamed of it… Now the time has come to turn your dream into a reality !

I designed a very simple & fun (but really
very effective) training method for all levels and
I called it “VOCAL BLISS” 💖 

Pink Bubbles
Learning to sing is not difficult !

(I know you're probably convinced it is, but it is not and that's the truth !)

What IS difficult... …is learning alone or with an old-fashioned technique !

1- Alone: ​​You will reinforce the belief that you are not capable.

2- With an old-fashioned technique (based on vocalizations and music theory): You will end up being disgusted and telling yourself that "you are not made for this".

Rest assured tha
t there will be none of that with me, learning is going to be EASY & FUN ! 😇 
The idea is to do reverse pedagogy:
Retro Singer

🎤   We choose together a song that is not too difficult but interesting to sing.


🎤    I guide you step by step to put your voice on it with simple and effective techniques. 


🎤 You practice at home until our next lesson, to understand how it works...


🎤   And BOOM 💥! Without realizing it, you are ready to sing the ENTIRE song.


After 10 lessons, you will have a strong foundation to sing your favourite songs with ease and amaze your loved ones.

White Background

If you are determined to succeed, in 10 lessons you will be able to sing your favourite songs … with a STRONG technique! 💪🏻


Literally, it's as simple as that!


If singing is your DREAM, it's time to DARE!

Preparing a Song for Our First Lesson

Please prepare a song to sing for me, so that I can get to know your voice and your level. It can be anything you love to sing! You can sing it by heart or with the words; unaccompanied or with a backing track (or self-accompanied if that’s your jam!).

I can hear your voice better this way, but if that feels too scary I don’t mind if you sing along to a recording. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable, is the best choice!

P.S.: It’s normal to be nervous! I like to call this nerve-cited (nervous excited). 

🚨 Be careful, this is NOT for you...
If you're not ready to sing loudly in your living room, for fear that your neighbors will come knocking on the door ! 😂
Singing is above all EXPRESSION !

This training will free your voice. Be prepared !


How Lessons Work

In person Lessons : At my home in Knock, Co. Mayo

Skype Lessons : I use the web application Skype for all online lessons. When you book your lesson, the confirmation email will have a link to your Skype lesson. You can connect to Skype either via a browser on your computer, or via the Skype app on your phone or tablet.

If you aren’t sure about how to set this up I will provide support to get you ready to go! 

Prepare Your Space : Choose a room for your lesson that is quiet where you will be undisturbed.

Set up your device so that you can stand comfortably without looking up or down at the screen. You can prop it up on a bookshelf, kitchen bar, or mantlepiece, for example. Have a seat at hand for when we’re chatting if you like, but it’s generally easier and more comfortable to do the singing part standing up.

If you have headphones, usually they help improve the sound quality of the connection – but also it’s fine if you don’t!

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