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10 minutes to Warm-Up Your Voice

Singing without warming up your voice can put you in some… awkward situations and most all you can hurt your voice. However, you should NEVER warm-up with a song. The same way athletes warm up their muscles before a competition, singers must always warm up their voice before singing. 


This helps you reach more notes within your vocal range and protects against unintentionally straining or irritating your vocal cords.

The good news is that in just 10 minutes, you can warm up your voice and make it sound better pretty much instantly. 

This easy routine will have you singing your absolute best!


I recommend listening to the instructions and each exercise once or twice before joining me, as this will help you get used to the exercises and scales. 


You can download each track for free as soon as you are ready to do so and save them on your computer, phone or tablet..  


In Knock or Online

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