• Sarah McBrady

Never Warm Up With a Song!

Many singers are surprised when they are told that they should never warm up their voice with a song.

So why can't you? Simply because singing a song is a workout, not a warm-up and you should never sing on a cold voice, just like an athlete should never start exercising without a proper warm-up.

To warm up the voice, you need to vocalize properly and do specific exercises. The vocal exercises you use to warm up your voice control what the air does and what the vocal cords are doing. They help you understand how your vocal instrument works and also allow you to become aware of the three different types of voices you naturally have. These three voices are: The voice down low called the Chest Voice, the voice in the middle of the range called the Middle or Mix Voice, and the super high voice called the Head Voice.

So ... when you sing songs, are you using all three voices? Or, are you pushing on your Chest Voice and experiencing a voice break (passaggio in Italian) when trying to go from one register to the next? Vocalizing with specific exercises will allow you to warm up all three voices so that you can sing any song, from the low notes all the way to the high notes, without any pressure or strain. If you are just singing songs that keep you stuck in Chest Voice all day to warm you up, but then, all of a sudden, in your performance, you have to hit a high note. Do you think you're going to be able to hit it? Not a chance! The same thing happens if you are stuck in Head Voice all day, and then a song that has to be really low and really strong comes up on your set. Do you think you're going to be in trouble? Absolutely! Why? Because your voice is going to be locked in wherever you were all day.

So, the songs you’re warming up with are actually not warming up your voice at all. Instead, they are making your voice tired and your vocal cords red, puffy, and swollen because they are sending too much air through and allowing you to create too much volume.

You can easily warm up your voice in as little as seven to ten minutes by using specific exercises that will set you up to sing in chest voice, middle voice, and head voice with ease. After a proper warm-up of your chest, middle, and head voices, any song you choose to sing will be within your capabilities and nothing will be a surprise.

If you'd like to learn how to warm up your voice properly and be on your way to vocal freedom, please go to the Vocal Training section of my website where you will find all the information you need.

I really hope this helps, Until next time,

Sarah McBrady

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