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Singing Gives Children Confidence and Stimulates their Development

Updated: Feb 11

The Advantages of singing and music for children are well proven and documented. The development of a child’s brain and music is closely linked. Learning, concentration, language are all positively impacted through singing. Developing these very important skills during the formative years has many positive benefits for children.


Every music loving adult remembers the lyrics of the songs they love the most. Humans are able to remember songs easily because they touch us emotionally, it is no different for children.

Teaching through music and singing becomes effortless with a child. Simple and fun songs take a difficult activity and make it simple through music. Once words are learned through a song, a child will feel confident speaking them without the music. The art of conversation can quickly and effectively become stronger due to singing.


When adults and children share music and sing together, they share a bond that can help tremendously with human development. Children need confidence in themselves in order to relate to other children and adults.

When adults help children learn through singing, their confidence will grow. When they learn the lyrics they know they have accomplished something. When they sing and have fun they feel good about themselves and those around them. The confidence they develop through creative and artistic activities, such as singing, will help them confront new situations and will help that child relate to other people by being themselves.

Learning to play a musical instrument can also give a boost to the confidence of the child, especially if you see that your child is low on self-confidence. Once a child realizes that they can acquire a skill themselves, it will increase their self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief and motivate them to step outside of their comfort zone. With time, they will become more and more confident in their abilities and develop a sense of adventure.

Self-confidence is very critical for a child, but it will help the child later in life. Because of this, encouraging a child to sing plays a very important role in the development of your children.


Singing with a child opens them up to becoming emotionally balance. We use lullabies to help our children sleep. We sing songs to soothe a crying child. Encouraging your children to sing with you will bring you closer together.

Singing will stimulate a child’s imagination while engaging them in a fun activity. As I said earlier, the child will also gain confidence through singing and that confidence is essential as the child grows. Music and songs are full of emotion, from happiness to sadness, and it is important that a child learn all about these emotions and most of all, learn not to be afraid of feeling these emotions.


Helping a child grow should be a great experience. As adults we take much enjoyment in our music, in singing songs and dancing to them and it is something special that we can all share with our children.

Feel-good endorphins are released when we sing. Singing in front of a crowd often gives the performer an adrenaline rush and this is all related to psychology and physiology. From time and again, singing has been shown to brighten one’s mood and reduce our levels of stress and anxiety.


According to a recent study conducted by University of California, 2nd graders who take singing lessons were able to get 27% higher grades in their school exams compared to others who didn’t have knowledge in music.

It has been proven that the human brain continues to grow up to our early 20's, and that the more children are exposed to music and participate in the activity of singing, the more growth and expansion their brains tend to experience. That’s one of the benefits you can be sure your child gets.


Singing also helps with the imagination level of children. When we engage children in creative activities like singing, it motivates them to use their imagination and stimulates their ability to create.


Children who enjoy singing with other members of the family or joining a choir are getting essential skills in teamwork and relationship bonding with other children and adults.


The advantages and health benefits of music and singing for children has been proven scientifically. One of the advantages is that it improves brain power and memory functions. Research has concluded that the brain of a non-musician works differently than the brain of a musician. It was also discovered that students who listened to music while growing up performed better in academics then those who did not. This should be a good motivation for you to get your children engaged in music and related activities.


Every language has its own musicality. When you sing to your child, he or she learns about words, communications, and language. While singing, one introduces new words to the vocabulary to a child, so in a way, singing can be a gateway for developing your child's ability to speak and express themselves more clearly.


Singing is an activity which requires listening. It is an opportunity for children to understand the language and feelings, which are expressed through a song.


From remembering the cue to start singing to memorizing the lyrics to a song, the activity of singing teaches a child to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. It is safe to say that singing helps in the development of the brain as a child becomes good at multi-tasking through singing.


It’s never too early for parents to introduce their kids to the world of music. Even in the womb, a child is exposed to sounds, and therefore is also exposed to music. However I wouldn't recommend singing lessons before the age of 7. Even a 30-minute lesson requires concentration, so I believe it is best to wait a little until you are sure that your child will benefit fully from the lessons..

I really hope you found this post informative and that it helped you decide whether singing lessons are a great activity for your child or children, if you have any questions, please feel to email sarah.mcbrady@outlook.com and for more information about my Singing Lessons for Kids section please click here.

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