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Terms & Conditions

Vocal Coaching

I hold in person and online vocal coaching on an individual basis.

My aim is to provide a safe environment in which people can develop vocal ability and knowledge of music in a dynamic, respectful, effective and fun way.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that because of COVID 19, all my lessons are only offered online at this time. In-person lessons will resume once things are safe again for everyone.


All individual lessons and lesson packages of 6 lessons must be paid for in advance. 

Fees may be paid online via the Paypal buttons on this website or by bank transfer. Late payments could result in a student losing a place.  

Missed Lessons

Lessons missed by students will NOT be made up.  Refunds are NOT given.


Lessons cancelled by me will be made up at the student'z convenience or the student will be refunded. Students are expected to be prompt to ensure the efficiency of the timetable. If you are running late please notify via a phone call or text.


In most cases an extension of the allocated slot will not be possible. There will most likely be a student following your slot, please respect the allocated time for all concerned. 


If I am running late, I will notify you as soon as possible and will make up the lost time at your convenience. As above, lessons missed by the student will not be made up nor any refunds given.


I will send the student my zoom details as soon as the lesson is booked.

In order to avoid time loss during lesson time, the student is required to run all technical checks before the beginning of the lesson.

There must be a strong Internet connection for a good quality video. Any upload or download during the lesson should be avoided, even from other computers in the household as this may affect the quality of the call. It is recommended to have a good pair of headphones or earphones for the lesson. If you need to sing with a backing track, please play the track using a different device than the one used for the lesson. i.e: an ipad, a smartphone etc..


Punctuality is essential. It will not be possible to make up for lost time or ask for a price reduction.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, please contact me at least 48 business hours (Monday-Friday) in advance. Lessons cancelled less than 24 business hours before the lesson start time require full compensation. 

There are NO exceptions made to this policy under any circumstances. I enforce this policy because a cancellation within such a close window to your lesson often leaves me without a student during your scheduled lesson time. Scheduling a lesson requires that you accept the cancellation policy. I thank you for your understanding.