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 Every single singer out there, including myself, wants their voice to have a rich, powerful and beautiful sound. Have you been taking lessons for years but haven't yet reach your vocal goals? Don't despair! By learning simple isokinetic vocal exercises and practicing between 5 and 30 minutes a day, you can develop your voice to your fullest potential and open up a world of exciting possibilities.


 Whether you are a Public Speaker, an Actor or a Teacher and would like your voice to have more depth, endurance, resonance and a more compelling sound. Without proper training, speaking can end up straining your voice.

The Vocal Method I teach will help you prevent Vocal Fatigue and hoarseness. 

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After moving to Co. Mayo in May 2021, Vocal Coach & Singer Sarah McBrady is now offering Voice Building Sessions both in Claremorris and online, helping people around the world improve both their singing and speaking voice and build their confidence. 

Sarah has a core belief that we are all meant to sing. It has been scientifically proven that singing makes us happy. Whether we sing for joy, for recreation, for healing, for praise, for recognition or for the soul, singing helps us express our deep emotions more easily, build our confidence and reduce our stress and anxiety levels


There are endless reasons for us to bring Music and Singing into our lives and Sarah McBrady truly  believes that singing is not just for a select few — it is for all of us. Schedule your first lesson today or Contact Sarah directly for more information on how she can help you.