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Sarah McBrady

Vocal Coach      Life Coach      Performer

A Bit About Me ...


Vocal Coach

I have a true passion for coaching and my personal mission is to make the world more beautiful One Voice at A Time

My core belief is that music and singing make us happier people. We are meant to sing for joy, for recreation, for expression, for healing, for praise, for recognition and most of all for feeding our souls.

Whether you wish to train your voice for singing, or whether you wish to overcome a vocal disorder like hoarseness, nasality or even something more serious like Spasmodic Dysphonia, I can help you reach your full potential, gain confidence and make you sound better than ever before.​

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Life Coach

I have always loved helping people and offering them an empathetic and compassionate ear  when they need it the most .

After suffering from stress and anxiety for many years, I decided to study psychology and human behaviours in the hope to find peace in my life and eliminate my limiting beliefs without having to spend years in Therapy.  


Over the years, I have had the opportunity to help people from all walks of life to better their lives.  

"A life Coach does for the rest of your life what a Personal Trainer for your Health and Fitness" - And I would be delighted to help you. 



I was born into a Franco-Irish family and grew up in a very musical environment and always loved to sing. When I was little nothing kept me from belting out songs at any opportunity and I had my first experience on stage at age 7 when I was cast to play the role of Cosette in a musical production of Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables" .

After earning a degree in Performing Arts in L.A, I moved to London in 1998. Once there, I continued my vocal training and established myself both as a Professional singer and stage actress.


I release & perform both original music online, at gigs and events. Please feel free to listen to my tracks and watch my videos. 


A True Passion for Music

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