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About Sarah

Sarah McBrady was born in Paris and is of American, Irish and French origins. I was raised in a bilingual household with no shortage of music. My father, John, was a singer-songwriter and my mum, Marlene, played the violin.

Singing has always been Sarah's greatest love. When she was little nothing kept her from belting out songs at any opportunity. She sang in front of the TV, she sang to entertain guests, she even sang in the middle of the night when she couldn't sleep (which used to drive her parents crazy)


She had her first experience on stage, at age 7, when she was cast to play Cosette in a local production of "Les Misérables" and completely fell in love with performing. 

She moved to the USA at age 14 and, at first, was a shy and insecure teenager trying to fit in. However, her love for singing quickly helped her come out of her shell and build her confidence.

Me & my Peggy

She joined the choirs of her local church in Pueblo West, Colorado and quickly became a soloist. After receiving praise for her vocal ability and enthusiastic encouragement from her mother and her High School Choir Director & Music Teacher, and she decided to study voice seriously.

A Passion For Singing

After intially wanting to study Law in order to become a Human Rights Lawyer, Sarah made the choice to do a degree in Performing Arts in Los Angeles, In 2001, ready to embark on a new adventure, Sarah moved to London and continued her vocal training in the UK. In 2004, she started coloborating with a Buckinghamshire-based production company and  performed at weddings, public & private events in London and South East Counties for over 10 years.


Also a trained actress; Sarah also played a myriad of characters such as Sofia Yegorovna in Platonov (Anton Chekhov), Terry Randall in Stage Door (George S. Kaufman & Edna Ferber), Minerva Pinney in Legend of Sarah (James Gow & Arnaud D'Usseau) and many other roles on several London stages.


A Personal Message of Hope 

"For many years, I battled with anxiety and low self-esteem, thinking that everyone else was much better than me at just about everything and that I did not deserve to be happy. A childhood trauma can affect you for decades and sometimes even for the rest of your life ... 


But my message to you is bold and clear: No matter what you've been through, no matter who's hurt you, no matter how hard it is to see a light at the end of what seems like an endless tunnel, .... You WILL get through this not somehow but triumphantly!! 

Each and everyone of us have our own cross to bear. We may have gone through horrible times in our lives that have left us feeling crushed and broken-hearted, there is one thing I have learned: Faith will always save you! At times when you feel that you have no one you can turn to, no one you can trust, then just realize that you are NEVER on your own. We NEVER walk alone. 

The 2 things in my life that have ALWAYS saved me to this very day are: My faith and my love for singing. What is YOUR passion? 

I know that fear of the unknown can be overwhelming and sometimes even paralyzing, but we must always try to keep seeking to be healed and finding something beautiful within the ashes. No matter what's going on in our lives and even in the world, we can't give up! We just can't!".

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